Corvette Crystal Large Elegante Pilsner Glass Set Of Fo

Corvette Crystal Large Elegante Pilsner Glass Set Of Fo

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  • Officially Licensed by General Motors
  • All Of Our Glassware Is Precision Carved To Order
  • Our Exclusive Luigi Bormioli Crystal Product Line For The C7 Corvette
  • Available In Four C7 Designs!
When your craft dates back to the Middle Ages, it's hard to escape the weight of history
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Bormioli s lead-free wine glasses, carafes, and tumblers are always simple and elegant, with design flourishes inspired by Renaissance painters

But that hasn't stopped Luigi Bormioli from innovating in the art of glassmaking

Deep etching produces far superior results when compared to other imprinting methods

Digital Technology is used to create a film mask from the Artwork you choose

Engraved using a Deep-Etch Sandcarving Process

Our skilled Artisans then prepare and precisely engrave each item by hand

Since setting up shop in 1946 in Parma, Italy, this family-owned company has made products that respect the past, yet also focus on the needs of today's users, particularly in regard to the material's strength, clarity, and affordability

The heat from the laser can also fracture fine crystal

This results in highly detailed images which enhance the beauty of our Premium Crystal

While some engravers use Lasers for a 'mass-produced' process, this shortcut results in a flat, scratched glass look without any depth to the carving